About the Reishi mushroom

The Reishi mushroom

The Reishi mushroom, which we use in our tea and coffee has been considered a cure for many illnesses for a long time. The possibilities of this wonderful product are huge and haven't been fully researched yet. Experts find more and more benefits of the Reishi mushroom, and this means we have a lot to find out about it!


Reishi - a gift from the heavens

For more than 4 thousand years, the Reishi, which can be translated as "the mushroom of eternal life", has been used widely as treatment for many diseases in Asia.

In Chinese "Sacred book of unique medicinal plants", Reishi was the first among "superb" medicines thanks to its outstanding healing power. In other ancient Chinese book "Shen Nonn Ben Dzao Djing", Reishi is said to have memory improving effect, along with rejuvinating properties.

In traditional Chinese medicine Linchji, the name of the mushroom in China, is used as a part of Fu Zhan therapy. The main aim of this therapy - returning the natural health of the body, which allows it to cope better with illnesses by using internal resources.

The Reishi mushroom

In the Reishi mushroom - the energy of life

The Reishi mushroom is said to have not only health-giving properties, but also to have energizing efffect. In th 20th century, the wonderful qualitiies of Reishi became known in the whole world, and 30 years ago the extract of the mushroom was used in dietary supplements, american pharmacology and phyto therapy.

The Reishi mushroom has more than 4000 biologically active ingredients, which give noticeable restoring and health-giving effect. The research done by The Cardiology Center shows that just after 5 hours after taking Reishi mushroom, the levels of cholesterol dropped, and after 14 days blood pressure normalized.

The medicinal properties of the Reishi mushroom

Reishi will help everyone

The mushroom contains not only biologically active ingredients, but also chemical compounds that are important for human body, such as germanium, zinc, iron, manganum and magnesium.

With the help of Reishi, you can improve the apperance of your skin and hair, suppress allergic reactions and asthma, improve the immunity system and endurance. Taking Reishi dilutes blood and prevents thrombus formation, normalizes blood pressure, has a positive effect on the liver function.

Also, the Reishi mushroom has a pronounced expectorant and antitussive efect. It also demonstrates antidepressant activity. A unique natural immunomodulator and antioxidant, Reishi has a wide range of therapeutic applications. In general, Reishi is ideal for those who want to improve their lives!