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COFFEECELL is a young, dynamically growing brand offering tea and coffee with healthy herbal supplements to the international market. It is part of Freedom International Group global investment company.

Our geography

COFFEECELL has locations in 10 countries

including Russia, the USA, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Belarus, and Austria.

During the 4 years of the brand's existence, the number of consumers has grown from 500 to 40 000 people.

Mission and Idea

To develop strengths
Every person on Earth is born gifted, but not everyone manages to discover and awaken the capabilities dormant within.

COFFEECELL’s mission is to help people discover their talents, develop their strengths and make effective use of their natural capabilities.
How the idea for a brand was born
The idea of the brand belongs to Narek Sirakanyan, President of Freedom International Group.

While studying at McGill University (Canada) and Harvard University (USA), Narek noticed that coffee stimulates physical and brain activity, and ginseng protects against diseases, strengthens the immune system and improves the overall performance.
Putting the idea of drinks into action
Having founded his own business, Narek created the COFFEECELL brand and brought to life the idea that drinks with the beneficial properties of coffee and ginseng, awaken the dormant talents within people, help them avoid health problems, and give them energy for self-improvement.

Formula and products

Extra class coffee
We took coffee made from top-class Arabica beans from all over the world and added our exclusive ingredient — white imperial ginseng — to the coffee.
Imperial ginseng is one of the most powerful natural adaptogens in the world. Ginseng strengthens the immune system, enhances the functional tone of the main organs, and preserves the youthfulness and health of a person.
We grow ginseng for 6-7 years in the ecologically clean and protected mountains of Changbai (China) and process it at a high-tech production facility in France.


Today, a line of instant drinks containing imperial white ginseng is produced under the COFFEECELL brand.

These drinks include black coffee, mocha, latte, cappuccino, hot chocolate, as well as black and green tea.

In May 2021, the assortment was expanded to COFFEE G ground coffee of premium Italian roast.
In 2020, when the pandemic hit, COFFEECELL launched its flagship product BH - Imperial White Ginseng capsules on the world market.

Formula and products

Like all brands that belong to Freedom International Group, COFFEECELL adheres to three key principles
To create competitive advantages and rapid growth, COFFEECELL uses the most advanced breakthroughs in science, IT, technology, marketing and other areas.
Brand scaling up
The brand is intensively developing in all the countries where Freedom International Group is present, and the number of these countries is growing with every year.
Social impact
COFFEECELL is intended to bring practical benefits by making people’s lives and the world around them a better place, improving health, and helping reveal dormant talents.

ESG strategy

ESG strategy
Sustainability and responsibility to the environment are the criteria of all COFFEECELL’s activities.
Both the work and development of the COFFEECELL brand and partner companies are based on a “green” philosophy, with respect for workers’ and consumers’ health, as well as care for natural resources.

Thus, we work with companies and manufacturers that pay special attention to the following aspects of ESG:
Preservation of production areas;
Use of renewable energy sources;
Protection of nature and locals working with coffee; and
Responsibility to ensure product quality and safety.

Our plans

To increase the number
of consumers
According to analysts at Freedom International Group, with the current growth dynamics, by 2025, the brand will have 500,000 loyal consumers.
To raise
The COFFEECELL team has set itself the goal of becoming a food tech unicorn by 2030 — That is, to raise the level of brand capitalization to 1 billion USD.
To create
a development center
Also, in the next 10 years COFFEECELL plans to create its own center for the development of talents — at the international level.

Company Profile

Freedom International Group is a privately owned Austrian tech-investment company with 2.5 billion assets under management
Its investment portfolio includes 48 projects and brands from a wide variety of industries, including production of dietary supplements, vitamins and health cosmetics, healthy coffee and tea, production of high-tech, ecologically-friendly clothing, development of an IT system for small- and medium-sized businesses, e-sports, online learning platforms, and other promising areas. Eight projects are under its direct management, including the COFFEECELL brand.