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Everything in Tuscany was really super. A magnificent beach, elite hotel, wonderful engaging program. And, most importantly, dear friends, we saw that the new product worked. It practically renews the body, and you feel young, full of strength and energy.
Over and over again I am looking over the photos of my trip to Tuscany. I loved everything! The day began for me with morning exercises. And then there were funny games, lively competitions, warm and gentle sea and incredible themed nights with excellent food.
It was a very emotionally pleasant and heart-warming journey. From the owner of the now best hotel on the island of Elba, we learned its history - once it was a small family hotel with 7 suites. The number has grown to 300 since then. Here we met the President's family and enjoyed amazing Italian hospitality.
The voyage to Bali was beautiful, colorful, sunny, exotic and luxurious. Everything was perfectly organized. During the voyage, we all enjoyed informal conversations and interaction, not to mention work during the course of these wonderful days in Bali. The professionalism of the President's team is simply amazing!
The conten of the business segment was incredibly useful and unbeliavably interesting. All exercises were fully consistent with the training goals, all tasks were easy to implement and correctly formulated. It was also very nice that we kept up with the schedule and would always stick to the timing. I also liked the work of the moderators. They performed it very smoothly and quickly, without any hesitation, being very nice and gentle to the participants. I liked how the information - slides and text - were presented. Ehe event gave me a powerful boost of energy and drive.
The time and place for the event were perfect. The business part was well thought through, and I was impressed by the new skills and techniques used to identify leadership qualities. And, of course, I really fell in love with the Greek night - it was unforgettable.
The event shoots for the stars and deserves the score of 100+ points! Hotel, meeting, service - everything was great. From the business part, I learned about a new methodology for identifying leaders and gained a lot of useful insights, which is a topic in its own. And, of course, I was very impressed with neurometry - it's just a rocket for business development and customer acquisition!