Mocha with imperial ginseng

The exotic, aromatic, captivating taste of this drink will give sweetness, tenderness, and will fill you with vivacity and energy.
Mocha with imperial ginseng will brighten up even the dullest and grayest day, it will replenish your energy reserves with a fresh portion of health, youth, and happiness.
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20 sachets, 15 grams each
Coffee with a hint of chocolate helps relieve spasms and speed up metabolism, improves mood, and supportsthe organs of the cardiovascular system.
  • Charges with positive energy and improves mood;
  • Strengthens heart and blood vessels;
  • Improves appetite and accelerates the breakdown of fats;
  • Relaxes and relieves spasms.
Main ingredients
Imperial ginseng
Thanks to the high content of the imperial ginseng extract, which is the most powerful adaptogen in nature, this drink strengthens the immune system as well as resistance to stress, speeds up the normal blood flow, normalizes blood pressure and sugar levels, improves digestion and metabolism.
Instant coffee, cocoa powder, imperial ginseng extract, sugar, non-dairy cream.
Put 1 sachet in 100 ml of hot water
Store in a cool and dry place