Black coffee with Imperial ginsen

Strong, flavorful, exciting..
This drink is made specially for those who are not used to wasting their time and live under pressure, whose morning starts early and whose day is very busy.
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30 sachets, 3.5 grams each
"Thanks to the high content of the imperial ginseng extract, which is the most powerful adaptogen in nature, this drink strengthens the immune system as well as resistance to stress, speeds up the normal blood flow, normalizes blood pressure and sugar levels, improves digestion and metabolism.
Imperial ginseng has no side effects and is recommended for adults and children."
  • has a fast toning effect;
  • stimulates physical and mental activity;
  • gives energy and power;
  • saturates each cell of your body useful elements.
Main ingredients
Imperial ginseng
Black coffee with imperial ginseng will help you to deal with fatigue, stress and negative effects of environment.
1 sachet per 100 ml of hot water.
Store in a cool and dry place, unopened for 2 years from production date