President of the COFFEECELL presents their partners with luxury cars

2019 оны 07 сарын 30 19861

During the Runway-2018, the President announced a great promotional event for the partners. Two luxury cars Mercedes and Maserati from the personal garage of the President, which are so popular among participants of different events, Narek Sirakanyan will give as presents. He will present them to the first two partners to reach "Diamond 3k" rank.
Several months have passed since the start of the promotion, and one of the cars has found a new owner: the beautiful Tuyen from Vietnam. The Maserati has been officially shipped to Asia, and Tuyen will receive the keys directly from Narek Sirakanyan in Da Nang.
The luxurious white Mercedes, which as powerful as Maserati, is still available. The first partner to meet with the requirements of the promotion will get it as a present.