Training BING HAN on the island of Taiwan

2019 оны 08 сарын 11 605

Only a few days are left for the COFEECELL partners to register and take part in the exciting and productive training BING HAN on the island of Taiwan. Registration will continue until 15th August.

Participants of the training, that will take place 5-11the September, will not only learn about the tricks of the coffee business and how ginseng is being produced, but also they will have a great tine in the company of people who share their views, while enjoying unique Asian culture.

What's more, participants of the BING HAN training will spend their time not only on studies, but also on interesting events - walks, tours around factories, lections in the head offfice of organizers, delicious dinners in restaurants and powerful injection of motivation.

Everyone, who takes part in this regular event, is successful in developing their skills in practice and very often they improve their status.

BING HAN opens new opportunities, shares fresh emotions and new knowledge - the program of the training varies constantly. Every season, speakers tell about new technologies and give listeners only the most up-to-date information. Moreover, no visas are required for Russian people to go to Taiwan, so they can enjoy the sea and perfect weather without bothering about visas.

Training BING HAN is a unique opportunity to visit Asia, buy ginseng and get extra earnings!