Winners of the Face of the COFFEECELL brand competition

August 1, 2019 20265

One of the most exciting competitions Face of the COFFEECELL brand has come to an end, and now we know the names of the winners. The lucky winners are a family couple from Almaty: Dana Mukanova and Eduard Hurshudian. Their first line contains, even though it's difficult to
believe in it, four "Coffee startups"!

Dana Mukanova has a Ph.D. in biology, she worked for a long time in the US, and when she turned 37 Dana started her painting career. She began with painting media celebrities, and now she is a member of Painters' Unions in many countries, and has recently received national award "public acknowledgement".

Eduard Hurshudian has a Ph.D. in history, he is also an orientalist. The new face of COFFEECELL officially represents some Austrian brands on the markets of Central Asia. Despite many different commitments, Eduard hasn't left his scientific career, he has written dozens of articles on Armenian Kiptchak monuments, Armenian studies and other topics. His articles have been translated into many different languages.

Dana told about her experience of starting a career in coffee business, and mentioned that it happened naturally, she and her husband liked a few things about the brand, and they decided to share the idea of "COFFEECELL" with others. A lot of people trusted them and went into business. Dana also said that they joined "COFFEECELL" not because of financial gain. They were interested in ginseng, and only then "COFFEECELL" attracted their attention with various possibilities.

The winners have also shared their plans about the future, they have already set the nearest goal for April, 2020. By then, they are going to have achieved "Diamond" rank.