It's time to upgrade your business!

August 12, 2019 1432

To get "Coffee start-up" set has become easier. Now you don't have to buy it. As soon as the number of placed orders reaches the price of the set, it goes to your active purchases. New procedure for receiving the status started on 1st August and will continue for the next half year. It doesn't matter how long it takes to get enough orders - two days or six months. Everyone who meets the requirements will become the Coffee King or Queen.

Important! The cost of tickets, delivery, printed materials are not included in the sum.

Status "Coffee King" gives the following advantages:

  • cashback for 5 levels;
  • cashbak "Booster";
  • moving up the status to rank "Pearl" or higher.

It's important that the number of coffee and tea lovers will continue to grow. And they, in their turn, will take part in the business program that allows to receive cashback "Booster". All you need is determination and will. The company will provide full informational support.