June 13, 2019 18885

We have identified the lucky city that will become an active participant of the upcoming August COFFEECELL tour, hosting it in August. Sunny Yerevan won this honorary right in a struggle with Khabarovsk and Naberezhnye Chelny.

A coffee shop office, launched as part of the COFFEECELL project, is already operating in Yerevan. It’s a place for the company's partners to
arrange meetings, place product orders, and spend leisure time with family and friends.

As part of the business tour, company leaders will acquaint stakeholders with an evolving business that brings both joy and income. We are estimating that the Yerevan event will bring together about three hundred people.

The two-day program includes speeches by top leaders and principal tour guests, who will introduce the main COFFEECELL project products. The event’s gala dinners with company leaders will surely be just as stimulating to the participants.

Yerevan knows how to welcome guests, so the holiday is bound to be an enchanting one. Meanwhile, the region will receive a new development boost, charged with the powerful energy of business success!