What surprises are coming up in August?

June 13, 2019 21545

In the very near future, COFFEECELL is setting course for the USA, so that New Yorkers can get acquainted with our brand! The first open product presentation is scheduled for June 13th.

As for the daring and promising brand, its fan and partner audience across the globe is growing every day. The founders are aiming to expand to the United States, because its coffee market is the largest in the world. Now COFFEECELL is ready to provide this sizeable market with healthy teas and coffee.

Americans now have a great opportunity to get acquainted with the COFFEECELL product line and obtain basic information about the brand from its founder, Narek Sirakanyan. New York is just the beginning, Denver and Houston are coming next. And the viable goal set for July is to exceed the turnover of 12,000,000 rubles!