COFFEECELL Coffee House Development Plans

June 20, 2019 19936

Our president Narek Sirakanyan shared his business development plans.
He spoke about how he started implementing his new strategy a year ago with the launch of the COFFEECELL office coffee shop. The very first coffee shop had opened in Krasnodar.

As it was calculated later, the operating costs of maintaining a coffee shop are 2 million rubles per month. The coffee shop’s profit, with regard to the sales of the main products, is approximately 6 million rubles a month. Such a profit allows you to maintain the coffee shop and the office.

After the experts conducted a complete analysis of the entire coffee house project, a conclusion was made that these projects may become more cost-effective. It turned out that some of the important aspects were overlooked:

  • Geo-location (city center, but low on traffic);
  • Building’s technical problems, (was unsuitable for food service);
  • Rent was too high;
  • Lack of personnel reserve.

A number of necessary decisions were made on the numbers involved:

  • Investments – under 3 million rubles;
  • Expenditures – minimum of 800,000 rubles per month;
  • Revenue - at least 2 million rubles per month;
  • Income - at least 1 million rubles per month.

A decision was also made to move the coffee shop in Krasnodar to another address. At the same time, the partner office itself will continue
to function in the same space, on the second floor, where maximum comfort and convenience will be created for the work of our partners. The search for a place for a cafe in Moscow is actively conducted, a coffee shop is being opened in New York.

Based on the new strategy, Narek has set an ambitious task - to open 50 COFFEECELL coffee shops in 20 countries around the world by the end of 2022. In this case, in some cities, coffee houses will be located separately from offices. Company partners will have two places instead of one - one for product purchases and daily work, and a coffee shop to hold meetings with clients.