About coffee

Coffee is good for health. The myth about its negative effects has long been disproved, but not everybody knows about its wonderful qualities: coffee energizes, improves concentration and digestion, speeds up metabolism, and what's more - coffee is a poweful antioxdant. But coffee is loved worldwide for its amazing taste and aroma!

Coffee beans

Black wine

The word "coffee" originates from the arab "qahwah", which used to mean a sort of wine, and its energizing qualities attracted attention more than 500 years ago.

Coffee's countries of origin are Yemen and Ethiopia, and nowadays the best coffee is produced there: arabica and mocha (from distorted word "Mecca").

Coffee plant has many botanical types, but these days the most popular are Arabica and Robusta, or Canephora: they constitute 98% of all coffee in the world.

"What is so unique about our coffee?", you might ask.

Ginseng root

Health-giving power of the root

Healthy lifestyle is impossible without complex approach: healthy diet, good sleep and physical excercise. Those things compliment each other, and no result can be achieved without all three components. This is why we decided that beneficial qualities of coffee should be enhaced while keeping its taste and aroma.

COFFEECELL products are enriched with ginseng root. White imperial ginseng is an efficient and powerful root, that has been produced by the "Bing Han" company for over 30 years. Thanks to the unique growing and production method, the maximum number of beneficial qualities along with maximum volume of useful substances are preserved.

Ginseng can improve the immunity system and endurance, speed up the natural blood flow, clean the blood vessels, normalize blood pressure and suger level in the blood, improve metabolism and digestion..Moreover, taken regularly it can even prevent cancer!

The Reishi mushroom

Reishi - longevity mushroom

For more than 4 thousand years, the Reishi, which can be translated as "the mushroom of eternal life", has been used widely in Asia as treatment for many diseases, but it has become known in the West only in the 20th century.

COFFEECELL products are enhanced with the Reishi mushroom. This mushroom is a natural antioxidant and immunomodulator that helps to get rid of excessive free radicals, lower cholestrol level, cleanse the liver, deal with cold and other inflammatory processes.

The Reishi mushroom contains not only biologically active ingredients, but also chemical elements, such as germanium, zinc, iron, manganum and magnesium. A real source of health!

Business with COFFEECELL

Tasty and beneficial

Our goal is to make people used to the idea that coffee can not only energize, but also contain unique biologically active substances that improve immunity system and general well-being, and saturate each cell in your body with useful stuff!

It is often said, that if something is tasty, it can't be healthy, but we have disproved that myth!

In our coffee line, you can find 5 different tastes to satisfy even the most sophisticated coffee lover: Latte, Hot Chocolate, Mocha Vanilla, and two types of black coffee - with ginseng and reishi.

Bon appetit!

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