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The medicinal properties of ginseng have been known for so long, that centuries and civilizaitions went by, but people continued using this unique plant. Chinese people call it "the root of life", because the benefits it gives to the human body are so various; in Latin ginseng is called - "panax" - which sounds like "panacea", "cures all". * (3)

Gold bars

Ginseng is more valuable than gold

In the wild, the ginseng is a very rare plant which needs many years to ripen. The qualities of the plant improve with age, that is why people in the Far East have always considered ginseng as a treasure, and the older the root is the more powerful it gets.

In the old times, anyone who dared to pick ginseng roots had to deal with bad weather conditions, wild animals and difficult terrain. Thanks to its unique health-giving properties, ginseng cost as much as gold, so it was available only to a few very rich people.

A lot of ginseng pickers (rooters as they were called), once they found a young ginseng root, replanted it in the secret place deep in the forest, and grew those plantations for years or even decades. One such root could provide decent living for the whole family, the kids or even grandkids for generations to come.

So, what magical power did our ancestors see in the of the root?

Ginseng root

Ginseng root - a divine medicine

Ancient Chinese medical literature states that ginseng clears the mind, brings harmony to the soul, dissolves fears. Taken regularly, ginseng can strengthen the body and prolong life. * (4) This is why, we have chosen ginseng as the base for our tea and coffee.

Imperial ginseng is a natural product that has a unique set of nutrients and medicinal properties because the plant growing conditions are observed scrupulously in the protected mountains of Changbaishan (China), and only advanced methods of production are used. The "Bing Han" company has been producing ginseng for more than 30 years using a special technology that allows to save all the wonderful qualities of ginseng.

Ginseng is not a medicinal product, it doesn't cure diseases, but it strengthens the body and restores the body's defensive mechanisms against various ailments, prolonging youth and health. It also improves the body abilities to resist negative effects of pollution and supports the functioning of all major body organs. * (5)

The root and ginseng powder

White imperial ginseng - health-giving food

We add the extract of the root of the imperial ginseng to our tea and coffee, because it strengthens the immune system, increases resistance to viruses, infections and harmful environmental influences, what is more, it has a pronounced rejuvenating effect and accelerates fat breakup and helps to lose weight. The extract can also improve sleep and general well-being. * (6)

Thousands of works in different languages have been written about the wonderful properties of ginseng, but our ginseng has one unique quality - "Bing Han" company guarantees the highest quality and purity of its products.

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