About the brand

Designed for health. Loved for taste.

This is how the slogan of the brand COFFEECELL sounds. We set out to make the usual products beneficial for the human body. We spent a lot of time developing the original recipe and researching the results of its use. In the end, we have created a completely unique product - coffee, which combines the exquisite taste with obvious health benefits.

In our drinks, we use Arabica coffee beans of extra class. And then we add our exclusive ingredient - white imperial ginseng, which is the most high-quality and powerful ginseng in the world. Imperial ginseng is recognized for its unique natural ability to completely restore the protective properties of the body and the normal operation of all organs and systems. * (1)

What makes our drinks stand out among competitors?

The best taste.

Our drinks are more beneficial than ordinary coffee (3-5 times more beneficial).

Fashionable modern design and practical packaging.

The name COFFEECELL consists of a combination of the words "coffee" and "cell": we wanted to convey the idea that thanks to the biologically active properties of ginseng, our products protect every cell of the body and strengthen health. * (2)

We chose the bright camouflage style for packaging, and this once again strengthens the idea that our products are the bodyguards of your cells, protecting them from the harmful influence of environment.

Now every day a cup of full-flavored coffee, which has a rich and unique taste, will be a useful contribution to your health. Drink our coffee - it will make you healthy for many years; it will also give youth, energy and vivacity!

The brand "COFFEECELL" belongs to the company Freedom Group.

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FDA Disclaimer: *These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.