Coffee franchise

Start your own business in coffee sales

We offer you to start your own coffee business. Our product has an exquisite taste and brings maximum benefits to your health, that being a unique selling point that differentiates it from competitors on the coffee market.

This will provide you with an ever-expanding client pool and help you to take your place in the growing coffee industry.

What are the advantages of working with COFFEECELL?

1. Only we have the Sessia app, and more than $5 million have been spent on its development. This app will help you to build your partner net and develop your business step-by-step.

2. Each new partner will have a guarantor, who is interested in seeing your business grow.

3. Discounts on products, cash backs and valuable gift, VIP-parties and travel. More about that in our presentation.

How to start business with COFFEECELL?

First, you need to download and install SESSIA App:

Google Play | App Store

How to register in SESSIA app?

To register you need to indicate your guarantor's ID - guarantor is person who will help you to develop your business:


Arkhangelsk+7 911 551-10-30Tatyana
Izhevsk+7 912 749-74-00Andrew
Krasnodar+7 918 448-26-00Olga
Magnitogorsk+7 902 895 49 39Hope
Naberezhnye Chelny+7 917 271-58-91Tatyana
Novosibirsk+7 913 399-48-02Sergey
Rostov on Don+7 928 279-75-10Angelica
Tula+7 910 558-87-05Galina
Ulan-Ude+7 902 160-97-29Olga
Khabarovsk+7 924 104-48-33Ella


Yerevan+374 77283231Tovmas


Minsk+375 29 6645558George


Almaty+7 701 111-14-75Elmira


Donetsk+38 050 328 02 19Alexander
Kharkov+38 098 777-000-8Suzanne

If your city is not on the list, you can contact guarantor from any other city.

COFFEECELL trademark and slogan DESIGNED FOR HEALTH LOVED FOR TASTE are solely owned by the Freedom Group company:
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All office workers who haven't tasted our products can order up to 10 cups absolutely free of charge!