Cappuccino "Hazelnut" with imperial ginseng
Gentle, mysterious, sophisticated…
This is a drink for connoisseurs of beauty, elegance, and healthy lifestyle. Th foam is like a soft cloud on the cappuccino and it makes you dreamy; with every sip you come closer to the fulfillment of all your dreams and desires.
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Doypack 300 gr.
Delicate cappuccino with a natural hazelnut flavor/
  • clears blood from cholesterol;
  • promotes the formation of hemoglobin, preventing anemia;
  • helps to strengthen the walls of the blood vessels and maintain their elasticity;
  • protects the body against the development of cancerous tumors;
  • fills with energy;
  • relieves fatigue;
  • reduces sugar in the blood.
Main ingredients
The hazelnut in the drink contains many vitamins, minerals and microelements. This allows you to saturate your body with nutrients, while the extract of the the imperial ginseng root stimulates fat metabolism, promotes rapid healing of wounds, increases resistance to viruses and other external influences.
Freeze-dried coffee, Bing Han capsules, hazelnut, sugar, non-dairy cream.
Store in a cool and dry place, unopened for 2 years from production date