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COFFEECELL is a brand of healthy and smart products, where high quality is combined with trendy design and an original presentation. We're proud of our products and are sure of their effectiveness and benefits.

Our ginseng is manufactured in France using advanced cryogenic technology following the strictest European quality standards.
Ground COFFEE G is manufactured in Italy at the Caffe Corsini family factory, which has been renowned across the world for over 60 years for its coffee roasting mastery.
We entrusted the production of freeze-dried coffee to professionals from China, who are world experts specifically in this type of products.
COFFEECELL is not just tea and coffee with ginseng. It is a philosophy of the ambitious, bold and talented ones. Those, who want to live their life to 100% and always get the maximum.

Ground coffee
with white imperial ginseng.

COFFEE G Ground coffee | Arabica

With a classic strong taste and pleasing acidity
Pack 250 g
Buy €26.5

COFFEE G ground coffee | Aroma

With notes of chocolate, caramel and vanilla
Pack 250 g
Buy €26.5

BH | Health Upgrade

Strengthens immunity, increases cognitive abilities, renews body cells, improves metabolism.
60 capsules
Buy €125


Improves mood, strengthens the heart and blood vessels, relieves spasms.
20 sachets 15 g each
Buy €28.5

Freeze-dried coffee
with white imperial ginseng.

Tea with whit
imperial ginseng.