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Only the pleasant ones!

Get to know COFFEECELL's new offers for partners!

Clockwork Orange

Are you dreaming of getting the maximum amount of energy and endurance this spring?

We've developed CYBERORANGE, a new and unique energy tonic just for you, whose main drivers of energy are three plant-based ingredients: guarana, mate, ginseng.
We've also fortified the formula with B vitamins and vitamin C: they speed up the body's energy metabolism and help alleviate fatigue.

Standard product price: 2300 rub.
To gain access to CYBERORANGE at the special 1380 rub. price, purchase a 5-piece set of our bestselling ground coffee line.

The CV base for this product is very generous: 2300 CV

Active April CC

In April, place an active order of 6000 CV and get access to Project V's bestselling product JN, using COFFEECELL's privilege program.

JN is a delicious, stylish, bright, and, most importantly, beneficial product for the pickiest members of your family.
It provides all the vitamins, macro- and micro-nutrients necessary for the child's full growth and guarantees the harmonious development of all of the body's functions, while also protecting from viruses and bacteria and strengthening the immune system.

Price: 1590 rub.
The CV base is also 1590 CV

Home Party

Want to host a lavish reception?

Home Party events are occasions at restaurants and culinary salons, where together with guests and well-known chefs we prepare delicious, healthy food that promotes active longevity and a beautiful physical appearance for many years. You'll have the chance to tell your invited guests about the business's advantages, while the chef will complete your account by sharing secrets of preparing unusual meals.

It's possible to become the host of the Home Party by the end of april!
You need to:
  • Complete the rank of Pearl or above.
  • In your first line, have the biggest number of partners completing the Topaz rank for their first time. Their registration date is not imporant.

COFFEECELL will determine 3 winners in each of the 4 regions:

Russia | the CIS | Ukraine | Uzbekistan | Vietnam

Presidential Council of Leaders

Would you like to join the new leadership team in the third quarter of 2022 and personally discuss the company's plans with Narek Sirakanyan, the President of Freedom International Group?

From April 1 through June 30:
  • Have the biggest checks
  • Close the minimal status of COFFEECELL Sapphire
  • You also need to have been a participant of one of the company's Big Voyages during the last 2 years (Voyage 2020 and 2021)*

Voyage 2022 Singapore

In November-December 2022, we will head off to the business centre of the world, the city of fantastic entertainment, Singapore.

There's only 2 months left in the promotion and we hope that you won't miss your chance to join our team of travelers!


On August 27 in Moscow,
an unforgettable show awaits you
at the luxurious Crocus City Hall

Get ready for recognition, new products from the brand and pleasant surprises!

The summer's near, plan to spend this day with us!